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Why an independent Microsoft Licensing certification?


Organisations need evidence that candidates are verified subject-matter experts.


Job applicants need a recognised way to prove themselves to potential employers.


Microsoft stopped providing official licensing training and certification. They don't even train or certify on licensing in Azure.


SAMexpert is a Microsoft relationship consultancy. The way we teach and certify is based on our real-world daily practice.

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The standard price is £99* per person plus applicable tax.

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*Goes up to £199 in March 2023.


The 2023 promotional period has ended, but we are considering a few options that would allow free access to the exam. Please subscribe to our mailing list to be among the first who gets the exciting news.

What makes it different from other such exams?

Most of the currently available Microsoft licensing exams, which are all independent, only test licensing knowledge. Furthermore, they only include the most current licensing rules.

SAMexpert is a practising consultancy with almost 100% of our revenue from providing independent license and cloud economics advice. We built our core Microsoft License Management training and exam on our experience helping our clients.

That is why we called our core training "Microsoft License Management Training" instead of "Microsoft Licensing Training". In addition to the most current licensing, we give valuable tips on working with legacy licences, commercial management of agreements, advice on negotiating with Microsoft, and even audit defence.

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